bad to the bone noise transmission
Bad To The Bone
You want bad...you got it! Get ready for some big, big burst! Blue stars. Silver fishes, green glitter with purple and blue stars, white glitter with blue stars followed by a huge color burst with silver glitter until you get to the big finish, It’s a volley of gigantic crackling flowers that fill the sky. 33 Shots
Noise Transmission
More noise shoots from a barrage of over 500 tails with loud whistles & reports. The ultimate 'saturn missile' which includes two rows of finale that is packed with a variety of colors. Shooting approximately 150' up this 13 pound heavy weight cake makes a grand rapid salute in just under 2 minutes.
big honkin star hell breakers
Big Honkin' Star
Gold willow to red silver glitter willow to crackling flowers to crackling willow, ending with 3 simultaneous shots of crackling willow. Wow!
Hell Breakers
33 Shots lemon dahlia & silver crackling chrysanthemum, purple dahlia & silver chrysanthemums w/3 shots brocade crown fan shape finale!
war drum night prowler
War Drum
From deep within the pyro jungles of America comes War Drum. Witness the 14 beats of bursting Blue and Glitter Mines with Colored stars and Colored Crckle Palms.
Night Prowler
4/1 - 15 shots red ring w/silvery pistil, red palm to crackling, green strobe with purple peony with a 2 shot crackling finale!!!
one nation redneck
One Nation Under God
156 shots of red, white and blue comets traveling from left to right, followed by a 6 shot finale of red, white and blue peonies.
Red Neck Party
Let's have ourselves a party! A "Redneck Party"! Hell, em flamin' f'ars are all d'ffrent colors and 'day even crackel demsleves. I don't no how 'day do it, but DANG dem fir'works are mighty fine!