excalibur best of best
1.75" single shot canister shells with assorted colors and effects. One of the two best consumer shells on the market. It soars to a huge height with a massive loud report!!!
America's Best of the Best
As its name implies, this is truly the best of the best when it comes to reloadables. 44 shots. 106 breaks. Enough said.
derringer 9lives
Right out of the old west. You'll be amazed at the punch packed by these one-inch wonders! Includes Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver, Purple and Crackle mini artillery's. Re-load and fire!
9 Lives
Load and launch with one reloadable tube. 9 shells, 18 breaks, 20-plus effects. 9 Lives includes three single breaks, three double-breaks, and three triple-breaks artillery shells all in one.
whistling buster
Whistling Buster
Bursts with whistling tail!! Kits contain a mortar tube and several shells that are loaded and fired one at a time.
100 Break 1" Assorted Shells
You're in for a treat with this shell assortment. All 34 assorted double, triple & quad breaks pack a punch.
whistling artillery shells mini artillery shell
Whistling Artillery Shells
A 6 shot 1 3/4" Artillery Shell Kit. Each shot has a different Black Cat quality effect and whistles as they soar into the sky.
Mini Artillery Shell
Pint-sized version with assorted shots of glitter, palms, stars, and crackling.