titanium candle  the handful 
8 Ball Titanium Candle
A candle that shoots silver comets with silver crackles. This one lights up the sky!
The Handful Roman Candle
Five roman candles wrapped in cellophane. Each candle has its own special effects like Crackling, Flash report, Color Pearls, Whistle with report and Blue Pearls with report.
100 shot pack sparkling comet
100 Shots Pack Roman Candles
100 balls & 100 tails in this pack! Each shot has a trailing comet tail hurtling towards the dark void of space.
20-Shot Roman Candles
5 Ball Sparkling Comet Candle
This new 5 Ball Sparkling Comet Candle displays whistling white glitter.
blue thunder
Blue Thunder 10 Ball
Blue stars with a big bang!!
TNT Assorted 6 Pack
This 6-pak of assorted colored candles will please any Roman candle enthusiast.
Mystic Weapon Candles
Red Tail To Silver Fishes W/Reports; Colorful Stars; Crackling Comets; Whistles; Green Tail To Silver Whirl.
Gatlin' Pack Roman Candles
The most progressive pack of roman candles on the market. This 8 candle pack contains 2 pieces each of 4 different high quality roman candles, plus a launch tube to boot! Each candle is 18" long providing maximum impact. 5 Gatlin' shots per candle.