sparkling torch #8 gold
Colorful Sparkling Torch
"Morning Glory" type hand held torches that burn with red, green or blue color. They are packed five pieces of the same color in a box. There are two boxes of each color in a cello wrap and 48 cello wraps in a shipping carton.
#8 Gold Sparkler (wire)
This metal wire is 7 inches long and approximately 3/32 inch in diameter, with approximately a 40 second burn time. These come listed as a Gold Sparkler, look silver and sparkle in a gold-silver effect.
neon sparkler morning glory
Neon Assorted Sparklers
Light up the night with these very special one-of-a-kind 14" sparklers. Black Cat Neon Sparklers are unlike any sparkler currently sold in the United States. Innovative Japanese technology gives these sparklers the unique effects you won’t see anywhere else. They are called Neon Sparklers for a reason…they really do electrify the night with the bright colors you haven’t seen before in fireworks!
Morning Glory
Glorify the darkness using sparklers with three changing colors. This starts out with red colors, then changes to a special effect silver strobe and ends with a silver sparkler.