Killer Crater
Sprays silver chrysanthemum and colorful stars w/ crackling mines to dahlias ending with 21 shots of colorful peony in a circle.
Palm Beach
Red/green/lemon/blue tail to colorful palm, final 2 shots with silver crackling rain.
This star shaped explosion will produce red dahlia with silver and blue sea glitters, red stars and loud dragon eggs
Legally Blinding
Red star & green glitter mines to green glitter willow; red star & white glitter to white glitter willow; blue star & red glitter to red glitter willow; crackling mines to time rain willow.
Grand Brocade Crown
Brocade crown in ever powerful burst like the huge waterfall. Last for a fantastic long time. Never miss it!!!
Firstly brocade crown waterfall, followed by colorful comets & silver crackling mines in fan-shape, then colorful palm with silver crackling rain, ending with 3 shots huge dragon chrysanthemum.
Sky Diving
Silver palm with red/golden/green/purple glitters, 4 shots finale of silver palm with crackling rain.
Land of the Dead
Golden wave to blue pistil, silver glittering willow to blue pistil; silver crackling willow to blue pistil.